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Hypothetical questions to just generate discussion, each becoming more insane, like my obsession with this movie is. I stumbled upon this movie about a month ago, and it will not leave me alone! My mind generates different questions, angles, and scenarios all the time, and I would love to hear what others think on anything, and I would be game on answering anyone else’s hypotheticals.

1. If Ivo wasn’t murdered, do you believe he was finally finished with Tim?

(Movie version, I curse when he turns back to look at Tim’s house, if he had not been taken unawares he might have been able to fight off the attack.)

2. If Isabel had told Tim she loved him would he have been finished with her as well? How long do you think they would have lasted? Does Tim have an inability to accept love?

3. If Tim was in a car accident or some such rot and suffered from soap opera plotlines becoming an amnesiac, and if Ivo upon leaving Tim’s house was never murdered and later discovered that Tim’s memory was before the “I love you” moment, do you think Ivo would give it another shot knowing how to play Tim or stay totally clear? Does Tim who could be murderer disgust Ivo?
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