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Greetings and introductions

Hello, I am Deeno and I am a rabid Ivo fan! I have written a great many fics -- inspired by our own Baranduin that can be found HERE on AO3 and HERE on ffnet.

We have been informed that this comm is slated to be shut down due to lack of use and we hope to avoid that. The screencaps and icons and fics are so lovely and we don't want to lose that archive on this comm!

Therefore I have decided to post my original fic (still unfinished) on this comm to draw members and hope that we can keep the Ivo/Tim love alive!

Happy reading!

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Danny in chair

The Surface of the Sun, ch 1

AN: This was written before I read the book or saw the movie. It was based on Baranduin's writings and the odd video available on youtube.

Chapter One: Beginnings

He'd left school early, shortly before he was to sit for his exams. His housemates laughed, saying his timing was impeccable and expressing their envy. He'd smiled but been unable to appreciate his “luck”. The call from his Aunt Clarissa had been short but a heavy blow, enough to send him reeling so that he lost track of his regular routine. His father, never having fully recovered from a crippling stroke in April, had contracted meningitis. He had lost consciousness the night before and the doctors did not expect him to make it through the week. He was being brought home to die with dignity in his own bed. Tim's mother desperately needed his help.  School would have to wait.


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Novel by Barbara Vine

Hello everyone,
I have watched the film only a while ago - it is absolutely great - and I'd be very happy if I could read the novel it was inspired by. 

Does anybody here happen to have some e-version of the book and could make it available for download? Or, probably, an audio book? This novel is absolutely impossible to get any other way here in Belarus ((

I'll be very grateful for any kind of response.

Thank you)
Tim Feeling Bloody Awful Without Ivo

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No Night Is Too Long
When Tim, a student living in a town on the Suffolk coast, meets Ivo, a paleontology professor, they immediately entangle themselves in a steamy romance. But when they embark on a cruise to Alaska, Tim meets the woman of his dreams and his relationship with Ivo takes a dark and violent turn.

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